November 8, 2012

Well things have shifted down a notch, even though I feel like life has continued to be incredibly busy lately. But my attention has focused a little to other things. We have relaxed by the beach over that ridiculous horse race holiday, spring cleaned and sorted, celebrated birthdays, completed tax returns, booked fast train trips (Paris to Montpellier!!). And I have realised that in the business of recent times, that my little  baby has grown up oh so quickly and I can hardly keep up. Suddenly, he has long locks and he speaks in two languages and makes me laugh and he's just the best thing ever and I can't quite believe I created him!

we've also enjoyed the sun, the storms, the sunsets and the general craziness of Melbourne spring weather... our balcony greens are bringing me much delight (even parsley that's gone to seed and ranunculi that have finished for the year are making my smile).

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