February 28, 2012

First steps!

So I mentioned recently that our little one has started walking. Yep, it's a whole new world here people. I put together a little video - mainly for family in France - but thought I'd share it here...

February 26, 2012

ok so it's not so bad

As indicated in that last post, I'm finding it a bit tough at the moment with my little one who is often clingy, very regularly wanting to be picked up, getting quite the strong will, still breastfeeding day and night, and at the same time, preferring his dad over me when he's around.

But then I just look at these photos, and honestly... is there really anything to complain about??

February 24, 2012


This is my view for a good chunk of the day. I must say, it's driving me a bit crazy.

February 20, 2012


On this monday morning, I'm enjoying...

these music selections

* A few hours here and there to work and gather my thoughts while family look after my little one (I have so much new respect for those without family close by)

* TED talks. Just randomly pick one, I dare you.

* Getting my organic fruit and veg through these awesome people

* More music. First Aid Kit... cute, Swedish young things with awesome voices (their video clips - is that what they call them these days?! - are a little too teenage paganish for my liking, but the songs are great). Looking forward to seeing them at the upcoming Golden Plains... Leo's first festival!

* Inspiring collections of images... here and here

* Oishi-M have the best jeans EVER for little bubbas. In different syles for different body shapes, uber groovy and they last ages. Leo has been wearing the same pair for months.

* No, the above photo is not an old school polaroid. I feel excited and sad at the same time to say that it's a 'Shake it Photo' from my new favourite iphone app.

* Seeing my little one take his first wobbly steps... woo hoo!

Have a lovely week y'all xx

February 17, 2012

the Creative Women's Circle

Do you know this website?

It's a wonderful place, filled with inspirational stories and ideas for creative women. Tess McCabe, the woman behind the Creative Women's Circle has introduced a series of blog contributors to the website, all focusing on different topics and I am lucky enough to be one of them! So please head on over and have a squiz...

February 14, 2012

us three


We've just returned from another lovely weekend away, helping family and friends prepare for their annual Easter festival on their country property. Lots of good fun. We were down there a few weeks ago helping these lovely people celebrate, and while there, my awesome young cousin took these photos of us.
Bit spesh.

February 9, 2012

I'm livin' in the 70s...

A couple of weeks ago, it was my parents' 40th wedding anniversary. My sisters and I raided the old photo albums to put together a wall of framed photos for them. We found some pearlers.
This is them a few years after getting married when they went and lived in Indonesia for a year with my big sister. Ah, the hair (my dad's hair still looks exactly the same). the dress. the bike. And I think my sister looks like Leo here.
I couldn't help but share.

February 6, 2012

sneak peak

I am currently working on a commissioned quilt, inspired by the book, "Guess how much I love you". I'm sure you know it, it's a bit special. The request was to make the quilt using the colours used in the book - muted browns, greens, blues and peachy/orange. It was so fun searching through the stash, and buying some new additions (including lovely ones from Maze and Vale). And it's been lovely to get back into a bit of sewing after a little summer break, and I'm enjoying the process again. Such a lovely feeling as it slowly comes together.
I hope it lives up to the inspiration...

February 2, 2012


Last night, hubby and I had a rare night out. We got a little bit frocked up (well, I did... his idea of dressing up is putting on one of the shirts that hasn't been lying on the floor all week) and headed across town to see the delightful Feist.

Which reminded me that I had seen this a while ago. speaking of delightful...