November 27, 2012

Music Monday #10

Well we made it. And the flight wasn't too bad. Still it was a long and exhasting trip and it is lovely now to be here with hubby's family, letting them soak up the goodness of time with their grandson. I have only ever been here in the summer time so it's a somewhat strange experience being here now with the leaves falling, the mist rolling in in the mornings and the short, dark days. Papi's harvest is no longer peaches and berries and cos salads, but endive and carrots and kiwis. It's lovely to observe the stark contrast of seasons and let Leo embrace it too.

So from chilly France back to Melbourne for a moment with today's Music Monday (it's still monday here!). I love this local duo, Sweet Jean, and this song and this cute little clip. Enjoy and next fortnight I may pull out a Frenchie one...
happy week!


  1. oh FRANCE, you should have gloated more when we were emailing- i thought you were going to Bali or something ;) FRANCE!!!

    Oh my friend, you lucky thing!

    Enjoy the cool, enjoy the cheese and for me, you MUST enjoy the beer. lots of it.

    So happy for you :)

    okay, as you were ;)

    xoxo em

    1. Yep, France. I'm currently partaking in more wine than beer, but I'll be sure to have one for you. And lots of soft cheeses. So yes, right then, back to it... xx


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