November 16, 2012

Oui oui...

Yes indeed, this time next week we will be in Paris. It's quit hard to get my head around (as is the idea of going back to Winter). We will spend a day there with cousins and then head down on the fast train to hubby's parents' house in a little village in the South where we will spend six weeks. Six weeks of family and cheese and snow in the mountains and Leo having a good dose of his French grandparents.

I'm looking forward to it (particularly the few days I'm treating myself to in Paris... ALONE!). Though not so much to a 24 hour plane trip with an energetic almost 2 year old. Last time we did it he was six months old and was either sleeping or breastfeeding most of the way. This time, I'm expecting a completely different experience and I'm preparing my little bag of tricks. Any ideas or tips gladly welcomed!


  1. Happy and safe travels. Oh my, those days in Paris will be bliss bliss bliss.

    I haven't really wrapped my head around (international) travel tricks for a walking toddler, so I'm not much help....But I would suggest you try pintrest for some inspiration if you have time to knock up a few diy busy bags (only just come across that expression the other day!).

    ps. I remember reading about these somewhere ages ago - such a nice sentiment!

    1. oh my goodness, that's genius! Thanks so much for that link Claire. I've just returned from Kmart with a bundle of new little fun activities (mini etch a sketch, sticker book, felt sticker pad thing and a hot rod car!) Plus the iPad is loaded with kiddie apps... wish me luck! Thanks again...


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