September 25, 2012

fast approaching.

Here's a few little newbies...

These will all be for sale at the market which is rapidly approaching. I've got a great collection of vintage fabrics and sheets which I've been cutting into to make some simple little baby blankets and throws, like that one in the last photo. I think they've come up great.

I've had a couple of dreams lately where I've turned up to the market without signage, prices, a table and with quilts that haven't been bound. In the last dream, the market was in a scout hall, and I was hanging my quilts from a bunk bed. ?!! I'm obviously starting to feel slightly stressed about the whole thing! But I'm enjoying it too... it's great to push myself and have something to work towards and crazy dreams aside, I'm really looking forward to it.

September 16, 2012

bits and pieces

* a more organised workspace with works in progress
* awesome mail delivery day during the week... new boots (thanks ebay) and new inspiration
* a vintagey feel
* getting our hands dirty
* nappy change reading

hope you're all having a lovely weekend... here's to a good week ahead! xx

September 10, 2012

Music Monday #8

No video for this, it's all about the music.
Haunting, ethereal, beautiful music.
So get yourself a cup of tea or a glass of wine (it's after 5pm somewhere in the world), close your eyes, turn it up and be transported somewhere else...

You can see a live version here if you'd like...

September 7, 2012

booby milk all finished.

Almost 20 months of breastfeeding my little one, and now this chapter is closed.

It's taken quite a while to get here... I have felt ready for some time but was unsure how to go about it, especially as I have always fed him to sleep (and as you may recall, the advice I received was not of the most helpful variety... vegemite anyone?). So slowly - we always do things slowly around here - we started dropping feeds. First the morning one, which meant giving up those lovely lazy hour long feeds and snuggles in bed. And as he was waking up at 5.30ish, it meant getting up before the sun (sometimes 2 hours before the sun) and giving him breakfast and starting our day earlier. Thank goodness for husbands is all I can say about that.

And then said husband started putting him to bed at night. The protests and cries for mama subsided amazingly quickly and although it took him a while to get him to sleep, he did it and it was fine. In fact it's been a lovely and special time for them. Then last friday, I went out for dinner with some friends in the evening, leaving the house before Leo was asleep and leaving the boys to do bedtime alone. And then, I just knew it was time. It was the weekend and papa was around to continue to put him to sleep during the day, and so it went.

By sunday, it had been a couple of days of no feeds and I started mourning the fact that it was over and I hadn't really appreciated that last one! So I gave him one last long feed, relishing every last moment of that beautiful bonding experience and then that was it. And so now I manage to get him to sleep during the day with cuddles and back rubs and songs and it's been surprisingly easy.

Breastfeeding this beautiful boy has been a wonderful experience (except for the first couple of weeks but that's another story) and I am so glad that we were able to do it for this long. But now I know that I am ready for my body to be mine again, and I can tell that my little boy is getting bigger and older and ready to be a little more independent.
The next chapter has begun...

*that's Leo high fiving me after his last feed!

September 4, 2012

choo choo

There's a bit of a vehicle obsession going on at our place at the moment (car! car! car! car!) which was fuelled slightly over the weekend with a father's day visit to the miniature railway... a great way to celebrate the awesome dads in our life and to welcome Spring!