November 9, 2012


Obviously, being Miette Handmade, I've got a bit of a thing for handmade products. In our family, we only give handmade gifts at Christmas (made by ourselves). And it's great - it avoids us adding to the consumer madness of the season, it reduces spending and waste, and it creates thoughtful, personal gifts that everyone genuinely appreciates.
So I was pretty thrilled when I was asked if the gorgeous online store, Rockrose Handmade, could stock a couple of my quilts. Their focus is on handmade, ethical and beautiful products and there are a whole lot of amazing things there.... go have a squiz and support handmade!

And in other news, I've added some fun little (handmade!) pincushions to the shop!


  1. Love your family's christmas gift tradition. I'm so jealous - ours is a hideous consumerist frenzy and no matter how hard I try to gently suggest a different way, it hasn't changed. Now with Gus to buy for I fear it's going to be even worse...

    1. Yep, good luck on that one!! I've replied to your other comment on your blog...


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