August 23, 2013

One for baby Finn..

It's been a while since sharing some quilt pictures here, so here's a few of a little one that went off to some beautiful friends who brought their first child - little Finn - into the world a few weeks ago. We love you Finn...

(yes, there is actually a small child in that last photo).

August 19, 2013

holiday snaps.

So it's a freezing, windy and rainy in Melbourne today. And I've been looking through our recent holiday photos to remind myself that somewhere in this rather large country of ours, it's warm and sunny. It doesn't necessarily make me feel better about being back in winter, but it does give me a little dose of sunshine, plus some lovely memories! We had a wonderful time up in Northern Queensland... just the refreshing little break we were needing. Daintree rainforest-ing, Barrier Reef-ing, Butterfly sanctuary-ing, resting, reading, swimming, awesome playground-ing etc etc.
(p.s. and no, that cable car did not worry me one. little. bit.)

August 12, 2013

Music Monday #13

Last night as I watched Leo dancing around his grandparents' lounge room, I thought... "his dance style looks strangely familiar, it reminds me of something".
And then it came to me...