May 21, 2013

Music Monday #12

Yes, I know it's tuesday. But that's kind of how things are going around here at the moment.... just a bit behind on everything.

But here we are, so onwards and upwards. I've been looking forward to this album and apart from the obvious enjoyment of the music, this clip just fills me with delight. Hope it does for you too...

May 5, 2013

Umbrella Prints Trimmings Comp 2013

I'll be the first to admit that there's nothing ground breaking going on here. But this little patchwork cushion made with a sample of this year's trimmings from Umbrella Prints actually has me quite chuffed. And it's pretty much down to the mix of their prints and colours... it just seems to WORK. I threw in a few fabrics from me ol' favourites Maze & Vale and Ink & Spindle and voila.... my entry into this year's Trimmings competition.
I was asked to make a cushion as well as a quilt for a recent commission, and it got me inspired. I had never thought to make a quilted, patchworked cushion before. But now I love doing them. It doesn't take me too long, I can throw offcuts and trimmings together and they look great. And people seem to love them, including my son who now has a selection of three on his new big boy bed (good for playing cubbies, hiding behind when he doesn't want to get dressed and sleeping on!)

I've made a few now, but this one is definitely my favourite. And what's extra nice about it, is that it's being donated to help raise money for an organisation that a friend of mine runs called Playground Ideas. They help build playgrounds for some of the world's most disadvanted children, and they are a fab little getup. If you're in Melbourne, think about coming along to their East African Soiree at the end of May. Who knows, you may even end up getting your hands on this little baby...