April 23, 2012

foody food food.

... Oaty dried apricot biscuits for Leo from Jude Blereau's 'Wholefood for Children'. Note to self... write   
    a whole post about this book shortly.

... Look mum! I can eat my food with just one chopstick!

... I've had my eye on this book for a while, and gave in last week. Loving. It. I have shelves of  
    cookbooks - it's a bit of a weakness - but a lot of them I never open. And then, there's ones like this. 

... One of several things made from it already is nut butter. oh my goodness. 

... Passionfruit came with a free bucket at the market during the week. Well alright then. 

April 20, 2012

play dough shenanigans

We've hit the age, much to my delight, where we can tackle a few 'projects'.
So this week, I made play dough (how much fun is mixing colours?!!) and we squished and shaped and pressed leaves into it, and tried to eat it and threw it on the floor.
Good times.

Happy weekend everyone. 

p.s. a new post is up at the Creative Women's Circle. 

April 15, 2012

A bit of a sleep related post...

So, after 15 months of co-sleeping and regular nighttime waking and feeding, the time has come to make some changes. The co-sleeping will continue but I am feeling the need for a full night's sleep - it's been two years (counting pregnancy night wakings!) and I'm a bit over it. Don't get me wrong, I have really enjoyed the way we have night parented (did I just coin a new term?) and I actually feel like I have slept pretty well since he was born, as well as having created a beautiful attachment with our little one. But it's just reached a point where I feel that I'm ready to have a bit more of a normal night's sleep. And perhaps an extra glass of wine in the evenings!

And so, the tumultuousness that is night weaning has begun.

Last night was our first night of The Plan. And I was taken back to the early months of walking up and down our apartment in the middle of the night rocking a baby boy in my arms. A little observation... 15 month toddlers are a LOT heavier than newborns.

Anyway, we survived the night with a few tears (from both of us), a bit of a sore back from above mentioned midnight wanderings and an hour or two less sleep than usual. But hopefully, it's the first step towards a better night's sleep for everyone.

I'm kind of writing this here to keep myself accountable, because it's hard work and in the middle of the night, it's very tempting to go back to the usual way of doing things. But I want to be able to look back in a couple of weeks time and see that the effort put in now has been worth it.

Wish us luck...

so cute. and so cheeky (and with a face recently planted firmly in the dirt). 

April 10, 2012

Easter weekend

phew, what a weekend.

We're home, rested (sort of) and clean after spending the Easter weekend at my sister's country property with a hundred or so others, listening to some amazing music, eating great food, breathing in the fresh air, getting almost blown away by the great winds of the South, rediscovering my inner dairy farmer, and having a good old fashioned knees up.



Most of these photos by my lovely hubby.
I may or may not have been a little obsessed with instagram.

April 4, 2012

Happy Easter...

It's been a been a busy week, with a delightfully eventful weekend, followed by more (paid) work than usual, a snotty nosed toddler who is moving to one sleep a day (God help me) and preparing for the "'palooza" that is coming this weekend.

I am a little bit excited... I do love me a spot of camping, and when you add live music (including ARIA award winning special guests!!), great food, fresh country air and good friends and family, well... like I said, I'm a bit excited.

So happy Easter to you all. Hope you have a wonderful long weekend, eat lots of good chocolate and see you on the flip side...

** photos from our weekend at the CERES harvest festival and then out at a winery with friends. (Leo's papa is a climber/caver/mountaineer/compulsive climber of trees etc and I have a feeling the genes have been passed on).