October 23, 2012

time for a rest...

It's only now that it's over that I'm realising just how frantic the last couple of months have been. Finders Keepers has been and gone and it was a crazy, wonderful, interesting, slightly disappointing (not too many sales) and completely exhausting experience.

Yesterday, I thanked my sewing machine for all its hard work and put it away in the cupboard for a little rest. During nap time, I addressed some of the other long neglected tasks on my list, sat out in the sun with some cookbooks and planned some new and interesting meals - something I just haven't had the energy for lately - and put my feet up for a bit. I am going to spring clean our apartment, focus on some different things and just let my mind think about things other than quilts (including a rapidly approaching trip to France!!)

Thank you to all who sent well wishes and who visited me at the market as well as those who bought quilts. It was lovely to see some old friends and also to put some faces to names. And thanks to the lovely Leslie who was a wonderful market buddy!

I didn't get time to take many photos at the market but here are a few that I (and others) managed to get... (the last photo is of Tara Shackell's beautiful ceramics - my other neighbour at the market and the creator of several Christmas presents to my family and a gorgeous sugar bowl for myself!)

oh, and keep an eye on the shop if you're interested as new quilts and blankets have been added and there will be several more over the coming days...


  1. Your stall looks so sweet I think your quilts are just gorgeous; Wish I could have visited x

    1. Thanks Amy! so lovely to hear that from you... a favourite fabric designer!!

  2. Oh poop, I'm sorry it was slightly disappointing. It was a pretty competitive market wasn't it, SOOO many stalls, I was rather overwhelmed. But good to get your name out there perhaps? I know I noted lots of stalls for future reference (for when I need to buy gifts and stuff).
    Enjoy some down-time!

    1. Thanks Claire... yes, quite overwhelming! And yes, was actually really good - lots of interest and good feedback and some good things to come out of it. But nice to enjoy a bit of down time...


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