July 29, 2013

warmer climes

Our apartment is clean, our bags are packed, and tomorrow we head to warmer climes...
We're heading off North on a little holiday! Escaping the cold, the routine, the mid winter blues. I am just a teeny tiny bit excited...

July 7, 2013

An outdoors selection...

I haven't taken the camera out much lately so here's a few shots from the last couple of months... an outdoors selection!

1. A little outdoors indoors!
2. Beautiful visiting kookaburras on the Great Ocean Road.
3. He's into "sa-sos" (somersaults!) at the moment.
4. Fun parties in gorgeous places.
5. We followed the party with a sunset trip across the bay in a ferry... rather cool, though loud ferry horns were a little scary for some folk and required reassuring hugs. And in other news, I look quite different from this today as yesterday I went a little daring and got a fringe... eek!
6. More Australian natives, these ones in my parents' garden. so lovely.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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