November 20, 2012

bon voyage...

ok, I think we're just about ready to go. This is Leo this morning after receiving a going away gift from Grandma... his very own little carry on bag with a tractor on it (vehicle obsession going on at the moment) and headphones for the plane.

If it's a horrendous flight, it won't be because I'm not prepared! Our apartment is looking as clean and tidy as it ever has, as we've put it on airbnb so that people can rent it while we're away. And it's already proving popular... so that's a bit exciting. I almost don't want to leave, it's looking so spick!
But leave we are and so bring on that white Christmas.... I'll check in here every now and then, and will be on instagram (miettehandmade) so see you there! xx

ooh, almost forgot... this photo was taken with my new 50mm lens - an early birthday present from my family! I don't think I mentioned here that I did Tim Coulson's workshop in Melbourne a while ago and  was inspired to update my kit. Happy I have!


  1. Have a safe trip and a glorious visit! Little fellow looks set!

  2. Ooh lucky you! Can't wait to see pics!
    I'm checking back here as I remember a post you did ages ago with a photo that was of Leo crying and holding onto your legs wanting to be picked up... I'm going through that now, did it pass?! Doing my head in!!! The screaming and yelling if I leave the room, it's good to feel wanted but geez.
    (Leo is SO freaking cute!)


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