January 29, 2014

heat waves and cucumbers

We Melbournians do love a good chat about the weather.
Ok so perhaps more often than not, it's a good whinge about the weather. But when it's 4 or 5 days straight of 41 degrees or more (106 F), well, a pregnant lass has a right to whinge, no? We have been attempting to keep cool with copious amounts of home made fruit icy poles, dips in the paddling pool and books and games in the air conditioned lounge room. Bless.

Amazingly, our new veggie garden managed to survive the heat wave - and the ongoing days of way-too-much-heat-for-a-woman-in-late-pregnancy - and we are delighting in the rituals of watering and picking and weeding and checking for readiness. It's so wonderful building something from scratch and seeing it come to life. I'm determined to overcome my lack of green thumbs and so far so good! We have already eaten our weight in lettuces, and have just started harvesting our first zucchinis and cucumbers... quite a bit of joy involved in that I must say.

January 13, 2014


Leo: A very tired boy at the end of a long weekend of celebrating birthdays... his and his aunty's. Happy 3rd birthday Leo and happy 40th Cazz!

Linking in with Jodi 

January 5, 2014


I have thought about joining Jodi's 52 series for a while now, and this year am biting the bullet. Leo is changing so rapidly and in the business of everyday, I often don't think to pick up my camera. So this is  hopefully a bit of encouragement to do that more and capture his development week to week. And of course, there's the impending arrival of #2 (7ish weeks to go) so I thought it would be lovely to document that fairly momentous occasion in our life too (not the actual birth... I'll spare you that).

It's a way too to share their lives and growth with family in France, and of course to work on my photography skills. So here goes, first one for the year...

Leo: Discussing the finer points of water colours with his aunt, during the creation of his latest masterpiece (this one's a framer, I think). 

Peanut: Named by Leo, 'Peanut' is currently this big. I'm not going to show you a bump photo each week until its arrival, but thought I'd start off the year with a little capture of where we're at! Thanks Liz for the photo!)

Linking up with Jodi.

January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

Well hello and a very happy new year to you all! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying a bit of feet up, glass in hand, kind of time. I've been feeling very 'off-line' and still am really, but thought I'd just pop in to say G'day and make a quick New Year appearance.
We had a lovely, relaxing beachside Christmas and continued our family's trend of giving home made presents, which I just love. Above is the gift Leo received from my parents - a home made tool box, just what every almost three year old needs (and LOVES). And below that are the gifts that I made this year... I wanted to try something new and gave these rope bowls a go. Bit of a success if I may say so. Leo and I painted the rope out on the backyard grass, and then I just sewed them on my machine. So fun.

Ok, so it's back to my collection of novels, a glass of non-alcoholic something or other (it kind of sucks being pregnant at this time of year), and truth be told, the continuing settling in to our new house! Jobs are slowly getting ticked off the list.

Catch you soon... x