July 30, 2012

Music Monday #6

An old favourite.... just because.
Have a lovely week! xx

July 27, 2012

Postal goodness

Some fun things arrived in the mail this week, brightening an otherwise mediocre few days of sickness and cranky pants.

Beautifully bright and fun new fabrics from the lovely ladies at Umbrella Prints (the one in the background is not from them but is a gorgeous print I picked up from my favourite local fabric shop. Perfect backing for the next quilt, methinks)...

And I was lucky enough to win some delightful coconuty, chocolatey goodness from Cocopure through a giveaway at this wonderful blog... Thanks Vanessa! Just the pick me up I was needing.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.... xx

July 22, 2012

Other places to find me...

Lookout peeps, Miette Handmade has gone social network crazy. Well, not really... I've just joined facebook. You'll never see me on twitter, I'm just letting you know that now. I don't understand it.
Instagram however, well yes you can find me there... (a little too often perhaps). Just search for miettehandmade or go here.

Have a lovely week ahead... xx

on boobs, weaning and vegemite

Maternité, Picasso 1963

So I kind of gave up on trying to wean the little man recently... it just all seemed too hard and he really didn't seem ready. However. He still doesn't seem ready and I have the feeling he's one of those kids who just really likes the boob and if I don't lead it, he'll still be breastfeeding at age 5 (and I don't want to be Melissa George on The Slap). I've loved breastfeeding but I feel over it and ready for the next stage and so IT'S TIME.

We had our 18 month check last week and I asked the maternal health nurse for some advice. Her response? Vegemite on my nipples.
Now, one... Leo really quite likes vegemite, so I doubt that would deter him. And two, I don't feel so keen on the idea of sticky, smelly grossness, and three: If it did deter him, surely a traumatic negative association kind of negates the attachment parenting approach we've been taking?
So thanks very much, but I wont be doing that. Her other idea was that I just go away on my own for a few days. And while that's quite tempting, I refer you to point three above.

So we've started by giving up the morning feed and getting up straight away for breakfast (even if it's at 5.30am) and seeing how that goes. Then we'll move on to the pre-sleep feeds. As usual, we'll be taking it slow and gentle and hopefully we'll get there in the not too distant future.

Stay tuned. And of course, any advice that doesn't involve vegemite will be happily accepted...

July 16, 2012

Music Mondays #5

A fun little video, a catchy tune and some seriously. groovy. dance moves.
Enjoy and happy monday!
xx joanna

July 9, 2012


In anticipation of a possible market later in the year (more on that later) I've been thinking about making some smaller and less costly things to sell. I'd love your feedback about these little doll quilts... those of you with little girls particularly, would this be something they (and you!) would enjoy?!

July 4, 2012

my little helper

It's been a bit of a tough week. A tough few weeks.
Yet we take a deep breath in and out, and remember that there's exciting things afoot. Tickets for a jet plane across the seas have been booked, a little holiday winter escape is in the planning (ideas for Northern Queensland destinations welcome!) and a potential end of year market is requiring me to get my sew on.
Not sure if he's really enjoying being recruited into helping, if that face is anything to go by...

you may notice that stormy weather fabric keeps popping up. It's my current favourite and just seems to work with every new quilt idea I have... thanks Leslie!!

July 2, 2012

Music Mondays #4

Ok, so I said I'd lighten things up a little this week...
I saw a JCB on the street recently, and it reminded me of this song that I had forgotten about for ages. My sister sent me this link when I was living in East Timor 6 or 7 years ago and I distinctly remember waiting for it to download on our excrutiatingly slow connections for a good, oh, three hours. And then finally watching it, I was filled with utter delight! I'm extra enamoured with it now that I have a little boy and am watching this beautiful relationship between father and son develop.
The song and the animation can't be separated (in my mind) so make sure you watch and listen. It's just. so. adorable. (and watch closely for the little details... dad's eyes, affectionate head rubs, musician hitch hikers, mary poppins etc)

Hope this does indeed give you a little smile for the start of your week. And although the idea was to lighten things up, it just may bring a tear of joy to your eye...