December 5, 2012


It's chilly here.

Last week we went up to the nearby mountains to give Leo his first glimpse of the white stuff. I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen snow fall and I think - no, I know - that I was more excited about it than he was. And it bucketed down. It was beautiful and enchanting and all those things that snow is when you don't have to live in it.

This weekend, I am being completely decadent and am hopping on a train to go back up to Paris for 2 nights ON MY OWN. I've never spent a night away from Leo so I'm a bit nervous about that. But the overriding emotion is one of excitement at being able to wander the streets alone, going wherever my feet and heart fancy. To walk and visit galleries and eat and browse and wander and eat and drink and eat. Without having to consult anyone, or discuss plans or be anywhere by a particular time or change a nappy. Completely decadent. xx


  1. Lovely shot. I've lived in snow my whole life and i have to say- that first dusting of the year still takes my breath away and maybe even the next few snowfalls as well. Nothing like a fresh coat to make the world new.

    Can't wait to see your Paris getaway. I can understand your apprehension at leaving Leo - I dread the thought of leaving River - hopefully you can enjoy your bit of self-indulgence.

    1. Thanks Jaclyn, I imagined that the novelty of snow would wear off quite quickly if you lived in a snowy place, so it's lovely to hear that the magic still exists! Hope you have a lovely magical white Christmas!


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