March 24, 2012

This week...

     credit: Taryn Lane

... I got some exciting deliveries in the mail
... We had our first trip to the zoo
... I relished in the cooler mornings
... I spent a fair amount of time in the kitchen. Which was a good thing!
... A new post went up on the Creative Women's Circle website
... And hubby and I celebrated two years of marriage at this delightful restaurant

Now I know you're all dying to know, but before you go emailing me about where to get the sexy slippers above, they were a gift from my mother and I'm sure Kmart or Target or the local chemist or wherever she got them from doesn't sell them anymore. I know. But you'll be ok. 


  1. Some lovely things here- great pictures, Jxx

  2. can't wait to see what you'll do with the trimmings x
    (and if you took that picture of the butterfly, that is uh maz ing)

  3. thanks ladies, and yes, Claire... I did take that shot! Pretty proud of that one, I must say.


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