March 26, 2012


Normally, hubby gets up with our early riser in the mornings and gives me a bit of extra sleeping time, bless him. But he was away this weekend and so yesterday morning I was up early, after a not great night, and it was dark and cold and a bit rainy and well, rather gloomy.

And then, two things happened to brighten up the day.


And... the very lovely Claire gave me a sunshine award!
I have to answer these questions (I must admit, it feels slightly silly):

Favourite colour?
traditionally a turquoisey blue, but at the moment I have a thing for pinks and mustards.

Favourite animal?
Since having our Leo, I have a bit of a soft spot for lions.

Favourite non-alcoholic drink?
A good latte. My favourite comedian, Daniel Kitson once very amusingly talked about how he used to hate people that ordered lattes and then he started drinking coffee and realised that that's how he liked it. I feel like that too.

Facebook or twitter?

Favourite number?
I have a weird thing for the number 3. I have to set my alarm clock to a time that's a multiple of 3. and other superstitious things like that.

Favourite day of the week?
Saturday (morning markets and that feeling of potential)

My passions?
My baby boy, home life, quilts, music, the family, the rights of women and children.

Getting or giving presents?
Who doesn't love getting presents? But I do really love organising a good present giving (planning, making, wrapping, giving, watching the face, getting the kisses etc) when I have the time (ie. not in December and January when there are ten million birthdays).

Favourite pattern?
Currently liking a good herringbone.

Favourite flower?
Australian natives and ranunculus (hubby, you reading this??)

Thanks again Claire, you're really super.

And so the deal is, it must be passed on to five people.
So, some sunshine to:



  1. These are by far the loveliest photos I've seen on the blogs lately.

    (thanks for the 'sunshine'...and I, too, felt a bit silly!)

  2. I felt silly too! But, really, it can't hurt. I think sometimes people take this whole blogging thing a bit too seriously.
    Lovely answers - I'm such a latte girl too!

    That first photo with all the balloons is so magic!

  3. Thank you Joanna! I'll be on it in the next few days, definitely something different than my usual posting of late. :)

  4. LOVE the pics, so, so gorgeous. and thanks for the tag, i'll post some answers in the next couple of days. will be a nice break from product shot after product shot!

  5. I know, I felt silly too... oh well! ;) x

  6. Hey that Amy is me! I'd better join in the silliness too.


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