March 9, 2012

rooftop art space and 'The Seam'

If you're in Melbourne, there's only a few days left to go and see my sister's exhibition at the Rooftop Art Space. Yes, some shameless nepotistic plugging going on. But even if she wasn't my sister, I would recommend a visit... The art. The views. The cinema. The burgers. The total cool-ness of it all.
Ah Melbourne, how I love thee.


  1. awesome pictures! Rooftop artspace sounds amazing!

    Yay for talented sisters! x

  2. Hi Joanna,

    I only thought there was a rooftop cinema up there, thank you for letting me know of the exhibition, I live in the city, so will pop along. Toff and the Metropolis Bookshop in Curtin House are awesome too. I moved here from Canberra 18 months ago and am still discovering the city :)

  3. Thanks Gemma, yes there's SO much more up there! My sister's exhibition is over, but more great stuff there now I'm sure. Great just for a visit and a beer anyway! Always happy to help out with Melbourne tips!!


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