March 3, 2014

This week...

Here's a few snaps from around the house over the last week or two. I'm 39 weeks now, and the nesting is in full swing. When we moved into this house at the start of summer, it was an insanely busy time, and many cupboards had stuff just chucked in and were closed, never to be opened again unless in an emergency. Unfortunately, some of those cupboards were ones that needed regular opening, you know, like the pantry. So lately, I've been pulling things out, sorting, cleaning, rearranging and putting back. OH SO satisfying. 

And we now have a spare room, which is a first, and is pretty exciting. It's become a sewing room/baby change room/ study/ general extra space room and I'm loving it. 

The rest of the house gets messy again as soon as I've cleaned it, but hey, I guess that's just family life and I'm realising that it's not worth the stress of worrying too much about it. 

1. Rocket going to seed in our veggie garden makes pretty table arrangements.
2. The spare room. So amazing to be able to keep a sewing table set up, rather than cleaning it off the dining table each night! 
3. And it actually makes sewing a quilt a much faster process - I'm more likely to just go and do a few minutes of work here and there when I've got the chance. So this little commission has just been finished and is about to be sent to new owners who have just had a baby - just trying it out over the bassinet for our own soon to arrive newcomer (eek)! 
4. Silly faces over 'dipping eggs'. 
5. Dried flowers - love a bit of low maintenance decoration - and old school bathroom windows. 


*Linking in with Em*


  1. The rocket flowers look beautiful. All the best for you pending arrival x

  2. Love these photos, it all looks so light & beautiful. The rocket flowers are lovely.

  3. Gorgeous shots - all of them
    Love his little face - and those gorgeous feathers on your mood board

  4. All the best with the arrival of your baby more kidlets to photograph. Beautiful funny photo with the dippy egg too. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  5. Oh everything looks beautiful. I loved that nesting feeling, pity you can't bottle it for later.
    Best wishes for an amazing birth and the safe arrival earth side of your little one.
    Have a lovely week xx

  6. Great photos! Your pin-board is very sweet. xx

  7. Your quilt looks amazing! 39 weeks how exciting. My wee one is just on 8 weeks, time has flown. Jo××


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