March 31, 2014


A portrait of my children each week, every week, in 2014. 

Leo: Pretty fun having his Papa around to organise outdoor painting sessions!

Anouk: Eek, can't believe I'm writing that! I spend most of my day gazing at her while she sleeps. sweet, sweet little poppet.

I tell you what... second babies are the bomb. A hundred times easier than the first. At least it has been for me anyway. Having had such a better and easier labour and birth, everything has been smoother. She feeds well and sleeps well and I am feeling good and like things are actually under control! Amazing. I can't quite believe the contrast from Leo's birth and those first weeks with him. I was hoping it would be easier, but I think it was hard to believe that it really could be. But for anyone approaching their second birth with some trepidation... it's true - it really can be!

I'm cheating slightly this week... the bottom photo was taken by my hubby, Vincent. Not bad, love.

Linking in with Jodi's 52 series. 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, love the pride on Leo's face and Anouk is making me terribly clucky, congratulations!

  2. Oh, how funny to see you write what you have about second children!

    I have said many times if I had my second daughter, Delphi first I would have been a 'judgy mum', not understanding the big deal about babies not sleeping, not BFing and needing to be held all the time... luckily I had my Anouk first and she taught me a lifetime of lessons in a few short weeks!

    I've loved finding your blog. Linda. :)

    1. Thanks Linda, yes I think I would have been the same! Thanks goodness for sleeping second babies! From one Anouk household to another... x


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