January 29, 2014

heat waves and cucumbers

We Melbournians do love a good chat about the weather.
Ok so perhaps more often than not, it's a good whinge about the weather. But when it's 4 or 5 days straight of 41 degrees or more (106 F), well, a pregnant lass has a right to whinge, no? We have been attempting to keep cool with copious amounts of home made fruit icy poles, dips in the paddling pool and books and games in the air conditioned lounge room. Bless.

Amazingly, our new veggie garden managed to survive the heat wave - and the ongoing days of way-too-much-heat-for-a-woman-in-late-pregnancy - and we are delighting in the rituals of watering and picking and weeding and checking for readiness. It's so wonderful building something from scratch and seeing it come to life. I'm determined to overcome my lack of green thumbs and so far so good! We have already eaten our weight in lettuces, and have just started harvesting our first zucchinis and cucumbers... quite a bit of joy involved in that I must say.

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