January 5, 2014


I have thought about joining Jodi's 52 series for a while now, and this year am biting the bullet. Leo is changing so rapidly and in the business of everyday, I often don't think to pick up my camera. So this is  hopefully a bit of encouragement to do that more and capture his development week to week. And of course, there's the impending arrival of #2 (7ish weeks to go) so I thought it would be lovely to document that fairly momentous occasion in our life too (not the actual birth... I'll spare you that).

It's a way too to share their lives and growth with family in France, and of course to work on my photography skills. So here goes, first one for the year...

Leo: Discussing the finer points of water colours with his aunt, during the creation of his latest masterpiece (this one's a framer, I think). 

Peanut: Named by Leo, 'Peanut' is currently this big. I'm not going to show you a bump photo each week until its arrival, but thought I'd start off the year with a little capture of where we're at! Thanks Liz for the photo!)

Linking up with Jodi.


  1. Stopping by for the first time! A very lovely first portrait of Leo, i might add!

  2. When is peanut arriving? Well the nickname is lovely !


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