September 16, 2012

bits and pieces

* a more organised workspace with works in progress
* awesome mail delivery day during the week... new boots (thanks ebay) and new inspiration
* a vintagey feel
* getting our hands dirty
* nappy change reading

hope you're all having a lovely weekend... here's to a good week ahead! xx


  1. Oh that vintage inspired quilt is gorgeous. Especially love the red and white potted flower print. Very sweet.
    (actually meant to comment on your breastfeeding post a few weeks ago...nothing too deep or inspiring,just that i enjoyed reading about your beautiful experience - and made a little mental note of your strategy)

  2. Why, hello there! Can't for the life of me why I didn't put two and two together. (and I recognise those boots)...

  3. Those are the most gorgeous little feet! Lovely boots too. :)
    How are you finding Whole Larder Love?
    Ronnie xo

    1. thanks Ronnie! yes, great book. Although we dont eat much meat in this house and there's lots of meat dishes. But still... lots of great inspiration. xx


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