August 27, 2012

Music Monday #7

Don't you love it when unlikely combinations produce wonderful results? Chilli and chocolate for example. Or Tina Arena and Jeff Martin. Yes, I am featuring Tina Arena on this week's Music Monday. And before you go running to click on to your next blog, just give this a go. This song and these two together just shouldn't work, but seriously, this performance from RocKwiz (Aussie music quiz show for those from beyond our shores) just gives me chills. I used to listen to the Tea Party over and over in my dark and brooding teenage years and I love Jeff Martin's guitar playing and his rough and gravelly voice. He, together with Miss Tina, somehow just seems to click. Hard to cover Kate Bush and get away with it, but I think this does it justice.
Listen and let me know what you think...

p.s. I'm really enjoying these little musical interludes! Music is and always has been such a big part of my life, and it's lovely to share little snippets of things that have moved me in some way. Hope you're enjoying them too! Feel free to look back at some of the past music mondays for some aural inspiration here.


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