July 22, 2012

on boobs, weaning and vegemite

Maternité, Picasso 1963

So I kind of gave up on trying to wean the little man recently... it just all seemed too hard and he really didn't seem ready. However. He still doesn't seem ready and I have the feeling he's one of those kids who just really likes the boob and if I don't lead it, he'll still be breastfeeding at age 5 (and I don't want to be Melissa George on The Slap). I've loved breastfeeding but I feel over it and ready for the next stage and so IT'S TIME.

We had our 18 month check last week and I asked the maternal health nurse for some advice. Her response? Vegemite on my nipples.
Now, one... Leo really quite likes vegemite, so I doubt that would deter him. And two, I don't feel so keen on the idea of sticky, smelly grossness, and three: If it did deter him, surely a traumatic negative association kind of negates the attachment parenting approach we've been taking?
So thanks very much, but I wont be doing that. Her other idea was that I just go away on my own for a few days. And while that's quite tempting, I refer you to point three above.

So we've started by giving up the morning feed and getting up straight away for breakfast (even if it's at 5.30am) and seeing how that goes. Then we'll move on to the pre-sleep feeds. As usual, we'll be taking it slow and gentle and hopefully we'll get there in the not too distant future.

Stay tuned. And of course, any advice that doesn't involve vegemite will be happily accepted...


  1. Yikes! Vegemite on the boobs sounds a bit unpleasant!
    I'm months away from doing this, so I have no idea, I've only heard of the "don't offer / don't refuse" approach to weaning (but obviously he's still asking?).
    We're doing a bit of night weaning right now (hence the 2.45am comment, not going amazingly well!)

    1. Thanks Claire, yes you're right... he's definitely asking and I'm doing a lot of refusing! But this morning was quite ok with the no morning feed so we're getting there. Good luck with the night weaning...

  2. Omygoodness what terrible advice... Your "distraction" approach sounds just right for you...goodluck! x

  3. I don't really have any insider tips for you, either, but I just wanted to say I think your approach sounds lovely. I weaned Olive a few months ago (she was somewhere between 2 and 2 and a half), and it was kind of a mutual thing, I think. She started dropping feeds, and was down to one a day, and then the killer was when I did go away for a few days. She never even asked for it again. So strange! And you know what .... I still miss it. So my advice is enjoy it while it lasts! Good luck. Kellie xx

  4. Thanks so much Kellie, always good to hear how others have done it. And yes, good to have the reminder to just enjoy it while it lasts...

  5. Dropping feeds has always worked for me too.. If the morning one is too early and will make it hard then maybe try and do the pre-naps first? Those are usually the first I lose and then work back to the morning and then up to the night.. But it is always different for everyone, but I am with you on the vegemite--I get enough gross things down my top from the kids without deliberately adding sticky black salty goo :)


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