July 4, 2012

my little helper

It's been a bit of a tough week. A tough few weeks.
Yet we take a deep breath in and out, and remember that there's exciting things afoot. Tickets for a jet plane across the seas have been booked, a little holiday winter escape is in the planning (ideas for Northern Queensland destinations welcome!) and a potential end of year market is requiring me to get my sew on.
Not sure if he's really enjoying being recruited into helping, if that face is anything to go by...

you may notice that stormy weather fabric keeps popping up. It's my current favourite and just seems to work with every new quilt idea I have... thanks Leslie!!


  1. Cairns! Such a great spot for wee ones. I swear you'll never leave the esplanade....(but if you do there's Palm Cove, coffee plantations on the tablelands, markets at Port Douglas)...Perhaps cheaper than staying in the swanky resort towns too! x

    ps. Love everything that Leslie prints, but the clouds are ultra cute

  2. We're off to Port Douglas in a three weeks. I've been there a few times. It's really beautiful and relaxed. Beach. Water. Sunshine. And no passports needed ;-)


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