May 28, 2012

Music Mondays #1

So. Thought we might shake things up a bit.

Every monday in our house is Lundi Leo, where "Leo" writes an email to his French grandparents and Aunties letting him know what he's been up to during the past week, and sends photos. A nice way to keep them in the loop on his shenanigans and general growing-ness, when they're so far away. It's also a good French exercise for me (you know, for when I check his spelling). 

So while I'm at it, I thought it might be fun to have a regular monday thing here too. 
I think I have mentioned here before that music is a big part of my life. There's usually always something playing in the background (or foreground). Leo and I do lots of dancing, drumming, strumming, singing. I'm hoping he'll take to it too. 

So every monday, I'm going to post a song here. It might be something new to me that I'm currently loving, or an old favourite that still gets high rotation, or a lost classic that I think needs resurrecting. It's also a bit of a motivator to get me posting regularly! 

Kicking us off is a new to me band, Bahamas. I am LOVING this song, Lost in the Light, particularly... the harmonies give me goosebumps. So whack it on, turn it up loud and enjoy! 

(I'd love to hear what you think about it, so comment away!)

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