May 10, 2012

a little pause

I'm not the most prolific of posters at the best of times, but things will be even more quiet around here for a while. I had things to tell you and photos to show, but it all seems suddenly a bit frivolous.

Strangely, just hours after I wrote that last post, my husband's sister was involved in a serious accident in France and now is in an induced coma with a brain injury. We're not sure how bad it is - the next few days will tell as she starts to wake up.
It's likely that we might head over there shortly to be with her and the family.

So keep us in your thoughts, hug your little ones a little tighter, tell those close to you that you love them, and wear a helmet when on your bicycle. See you back here sometime soonish...

*some spring blooms to cheer us up


  1. oh joanna, i am so sorry to hear this. safe travels if you do go and wishing your family all the best. xx

    1. thanks so much Leslie... she's doing much better.

  2. That is awful news Joanna, hope all turns out ok and she does not have any long term injuries. What a terrible reason to have to go to France x


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