February 20, 2014

Almost there...

Teeny weeny baby clothes washed and drying in preparation! 

So I'm almost 38 weeks pregnant.
Well and truly at the pointy (well actually, the very round) end. I bump into things constantly (including random strangers in the supermarket - awkward), have horrible heart burn and restless legs, need to pee ALL. THE. TIME, am achey and clumsy and uncomfortable and tired.

And so I find myself sometimes wishing that this little baby will arrive early, so that I can be rid of all these weird symptoms and this strangeness that has taken over my body. But then I quickly remember that as soon as this baby does arrive, life will be turned upside down. The lovely little life we have as a family of three will be changed forever, and we will no longer have the time to focus solely on our one child. We will be back to those newborn days of broken sleep, boobs out constantly, holding and pacing and shooshing. So I'm just trying to enjoy these last weeks of relative calm, and am relishing quality one on one time with Leo.

And then of course, there's the birth.
I had quite the shocker with Leo, and have done a fair bit of 'work' to get myself ready for round two. We are again going to give birth at the Family Birth Centre here in Melbourne, a beautiful, peaceful place that is the next best thing to a home birth and I am keeping really positive that this experience will be what we had hoped for last time. I'm confident that it will be...


  1. So excited for you Joanna. Any moment now :)

    I'll be checking back for the news


  2. Hey lady - I've been thinking of you! If it hasn't already happened... it'll be any day now! All my best wishes for the birth! The second time around is meant to be easier - mine certainly was. (Gus: 3 day stop start labour ending in getting induced, epidural, vacuum. Lydia: 5-ish hours of totally manageable labour no drugs, awesome!) (Both posterior)
    And the birth centre looks so good - that bath, yes please! x


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