February 10, 2014

A getaway...

Well we're getting to the pointy end of things here... I'm 36 weeks pregnant and feeling rather ready to bring this baby into the world. Actually, I'm not ready at all - we haven't chosen a boy's name, we don't have a baby bed ready, I just got clothes out of storage last night, and basically haven't got my head around the idea of the impending mother of two status. But regular days over 40 degrees and my general hugeness (see picture above) has led me to be pretty keen to meet this bubba.

One of the things on our 'to do' list, was to have a little weekend away, just the fella and I, before the chaos arrives. And so we farmed off the child to the grandparents, hired a cabin 20m walk from the beach, sailed through another 40 degree weekend with fresh sea breezes, went and saw Cat Power at a local town hall (weirdest gig ever), slept in, had numerous swims, read the newspaper cover to cover, started a novel and actually had some quality time as a couple!

It was bliss, and just what we were both needing.

And now, the countdown begins. I finish work this week, and I can feel the nesting bug starting to kick in. And we're getting out those name books! Any ideas for boys (think we have a girl sorted) are gladly welcomed!


  1. LOL! That belly is massive! I remember being that big with my second at about the same amount of weeks. I was begging my Dr to make him come early, he'd just laugh and say I had to wait! Good luck with the next few weeks, I hope they go quickly for you!
    I think you will know when bub is born what it's name is!

    1. Thanks! We tried that name tactic with our first, but it didn't work... he was unnamed for a while! So trying to have it sorted before hand this time!

  2. you look GORGEOUS, Jo (and i'm not just saying that)!! Going to apply for FK again and will miss not having you there, maybe you can come visit with the new bubba :) xx

    1. oh Leslie, thanks so much! And I'll miss FK with you! But yes, will definitely come by and visit... xx


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