April 4, 2012

Happy Easter...

It's been a been a busy week, with a delightfully eventful weekend, followed by more (paid) work than usual, a snotty nosed toddler who is moving to one sleep a day (God help me) and preparing for the "'palooza" that is coming this weekend.

I am a little bit excited... I do love me a spot of camping, and when you add live music (including ARIA award winning special guests!!), great food, fresh country air and good friends and family, well... like I said, I'm a bit excited.

So happy Easter to you all. Hope you have a wonderful long weekend, eat lots of good chocolate and see you on the flip side...

** photos from our weekend at the CERES harvest festival and then out at a winery with friends. (Leo's papa is a climber/caver/mountaineer/compulsive climber of trees etc and I have a feeling the genes have been passed on).

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