February 6, 2012

sneak peak

I am currently working on a commissioned quilt, inspired by the book, "Guess how much I love you". I'm sure you know it, it's a bit special. The request was to make the quilt using the colours used in the book - muted browns, greens, blues and peachy/orange. It was so fun searching through the stash, and buying some new additions (including lovely ones from Maze and Vale). And it's been lovely to get back into a bit of sewing after a little summer break, and I'm enjoying the process again. Such a lovely feeling as it slowly comes together.
I hope it lives up to the inspiration...


  1. Hi Joanna
    that will be a very special quilt when finished. that book used to be one of the favourites when mine were small. I hope you share the finished product. best wishes, Jane x

  2. Hi Joanna,

    This looks a lovely work and what a fab comission. This was my wee boys favourite book. We still say we love each other 'to the moon and back' in this house! Jo x

  3. so sweet. you've chosen beautiful fabrics (and i love the maze and vale stuff too)...what a cute idea to use a children's book for inspiration

    ps. got your message re sleep part II, and it gives me hope that one day she will just sleep through :) a friend lent me the elizabeth pantley book and it's a goodie...thanks for your kind words and positivity.

  4. ...sorry, meant to point out that i got your message even though it didn't post (weird)

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments!

  6. Oh what a wonderful reference to work from. Love the fabric selection! Can't wait to see it done xx


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