February 20, 2012


On this monday morning, I'm enjoying...

these music selections

* A few hours here and there to work and gather my thoughts while family look after my little one (I have so much new respect for those without family close by)

* TED talks. Just randomly pick one, I dare you.

* Getting my organic fruit and veg through these awesome people

* More music. First Aid Kit... cute, Swedish young things with awesome voices (their video clips - is that what they call them these days?! - are a little too teenage paganish for my liking, but the songs are great). Looking forward to seeing them at the upcoming Golden Plains... Leo's first festival!

* Inspiring collections of images... here and here

* Oishi-M have the best jeans EVER for little bubbas. In different syles for different body shapes, uber groovy and they last ages. Leo has been wearing the same pair for months.

* No, the above photo is not an old school polaroid. I feel excited and sad at the same time to say that it's a 'Shake it Photo' from my new favourite iphone app.

* Seeing my little one take his first wobbly steps... woo hoo!

Have a lovely week y'all xx

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  1. thanks for all the links - sounds like some very cool stuff to check out tomorrow while Lalie sleeps.

    Most importantly though - first steps!! Yay, Leo! Go you good thing! xx


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