April 30, 2014

In recent weeks...

Taking a glimpse back at recent posts, you'll notice that I haven't managed much more than the portrait series, and even then I haven't posted each week. So I'm attempting to remedy with a few shots from recent weeks. Life with two children is funnily enough, pretty busy. Even when one of those is a baby who is pretty bloody cruisy... sleeping, feeding, sleeping, feeding. My biggest challenge at the moment is not the newborn but the 'threenager'. Most of the time he is a delight, and he's gorgeous and gentle with Anouk. But at times lately, he's been quite the challenge. I guess it's partly the adjustment of an extra person in the house, and less attention on him. And partly, just being three.
Still, quite annoying when he wakes up during the night more frequently than the newborn!

From The Top:
* Sleepy bubba
* When we started our veggie garden after moving in to our new house, I planted cosmos seeds, not realising that they grow to be MASSIVE. They've only recently flowered but flower they have. In fact, they've gone a little bananas. But they're so gorgeous and they make me smile.
* Hold your horses, it's a new quilt commission.
* You just forget how teeny tiny they are!
* Feeling so over getting around in my pregnancy clothes and tracksuit pants, I went shopping. I might have accidentally spent a bit of money in Gorman (there was a sale on!!).
* Holiday house easter egg hunts are the best.
* As are spending lazy afternoons in winery cellar door gardens with a cheese platter, a glass or two of a top drop and a view.
* Pretty heart warming...

...Joining with Em...


  1. Beautiful times all of them! I've got a couple of two-nagers with me most of the time tis a fast and bumpy ride! Love your photographs x

  2. That first photo is divine. Hang in there with your threenager! He's pretty cute by the way.
    Visiting via The Beetle Shack. Have a great week.

  3. Sweet baby toes! What calming, gorgeous pictures you have taken


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