December 2, 2013

snippety snippets

Here's a few little snippets from the last few weeks. ok, months. With a bit of an accidental red theme apparently. 

Still just catching up on things (did I miss tax time?!) so next time these photos will be of things that are actually happening now! But in the meantime, here's some of recent happenings:
* Prettying up our airbnb apartment.
* This was the first night in our new house. There were boxes everywhere, stuff all over the place and tears a-plenty, but I managed to find a vase and make the place feel slightly homely! We have inherited a beautiful row of rose bushes in the front garden and they have been bringing much joy. 
* A shot of me (by hubby) setting up my market stall a few weeks back. 
* And the market stall in action (with more roses from the garden!). It must be said there wasn't much actual action on the day... it was a bit of a fizzer really but I managed to sell a few things and was just happy to have it over and done with! 
* And one of my joyful little boy. That smile really does light up a room. 

Happy week and happy December! 

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  1. Lovely snippets! That smile is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! Yes, it's a bit of a heart breaker...

  2. Yes lovely snippets jo! Thinking of you, you must be close to having another poppet bless your life xxx

  3. That last photo is beautiful what a great smile. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


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