November 10, 2013

well hello!

Well hello there little blog, long time no see.
It's fair to say it's been a busy time around here lately and I feel like I am only just catching my breath. We've moved house, rented out our apartment through airbnb, and I had a stall at a market... all things I wouldn't really recommend doing while hormonally challenged. Let's just say that I've been quick to tears! But we've crossed off much of our to-do list, have unpacked most a good chunk of the boxes, and can start to settle in to our new place. We've swapped a balcony, city views and the sound of trams rolling by with a huge garden, gum trees and a creek behind the house and the chirping of morning birds. A big change, but one we're enjoying... looking forward to a summer of shenanigans before this little family of three becomes four.

* Billy buttons helping to make our new apartment nice before its new guests arrive! *

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