September 2, 2013

Fun, quirky and... bright

I received a commission a little while back from a lovely lady, asking if I could make a king-single sized quilt for her soon-to-be two year old daughter, Kate. It was to go on her new big girl bed in her new room. The request was for bold colours, not too matchy matchy, fun and quirky and, well... bright.

It's the largest quilt I've made to date, and there were a few challenges along the way, but I had fun with it and learnt a few new tricks and am so happy with how it's turned out. And so are its new owners... I dropped it off in person and took a few snaps of it in its gorgeous new room (though the first few below are on my own bed). Happy birthday Kate!

(As usual, there's a few fabrics from some of my favourite local fabric makers including Umbrella Prints and Maze & Vale)


  1. Love this one Joanna. what a lucky young Kate. something so special to grow up with. Jx

  2. What an absolutely gorgeous quilt!

  3. Just fabulous! You are very talented! Jxx

  4. Just so gorgeous am always in love with all your mixes xxx!


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