June 2, 2013

reddy red red.

I finished three quilts this week. Today was the first time in months that Leo's nap time has been spent NOT running at 100 miles/hour to try and fit in sewing and cleaning and cooking and sewing. It was just cleaning and cooking instead.

But stupidly and very annoyingly, in the mad rush to finish off things and get to the post office earlier in the week, I completely forgot to photograph two of the three quilts. And I only managed a few rushed shots of the third before it was delivered to our friends and their new baby this morning. So these'll just have to do.

I have one more comissioned quilt to start this week - the biggest I've done yet - and then it's a little break for a while (including a proper actual holiday kind of break in Far North QLD... I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to that).

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