March 24, 2013


It's been super busy around here, as I'm doing the Finders Keepers market again in a couple of weeks. If you're in Melbourne, come on down and say hello. But I've managed to catch a few little snaps here and there...

1. amazing green tomatoes from my sister's garden (lunch amid fabric scraps)
2 & 4. quilts and cushions in bright colours were the results of last week's productivity
3. part of our morning routine is counting the number of hot air balloons we see. I never tire of those glorious things floating by
5. enjoying our garage sale find (complete with '70s yellow coke bottle glass... ace)
6. some hot air balloons last week copped this on their morning ride over the city. Double rainbow all the way across. if you know what I'm saying

*Hi Em...*


  1. Oh wow, stunning photos. I'm glad I came across your blog via the Beetle Shack. I'm in Melbourne I will check out your Etsy shop. Best wishes, Alison

  2. when we lived in melbourne many moons ago the girls and i would count how many hot air balloons we could see too. how is that rainbow? stunning!

  3. These are just beautiful stills, that photo of the hot air balloons is picture perfect they are lined up beautifully:) I hope your market is a great success that patchwork cushion looks great.

  4. oh what gorgeous snippets of you week Joanne...loving the fabrics in your quilts and pillow xx

  5. it is morning time here in miami and that first picture just made me very hungry for breakfast lol. also, it has been way too long since i have seen a rainbow. lovely shots

  6. Your patchwork cushion looks fabulous, really - I hope I can create something like that one day. I am new to sewing but it's images like that which get me itching to go on my machine.

    So happy I stopped by your blog. :o) x

  7. Very pretty - I love your snippets - such an amazing rainbow....

  8. I am in love with your patchwork - so beautiful. That rainbow is divine. Have a beautiful week. xxx

  9. wow, thanks everyone for your sweet comments. thanks for stopping by! xx joanna

  10. Wow! What a beautiful explosion of colours. Gorgeous quilt and cushion and that rainbow is just divine.
    Sophie z

  11. Hello darling! ;) ahahah

    Beautiful Stills m'lady and it's lovely to see you again! I am adoring your quilt and pillow there, that red binding is lovely

    xo em


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