January 21, 2013

It's been a while...

I've been enjoying a significant reduction in internet use lately. Some time down at the beach, a broken phone* and a general difficulty in getting back into the swing of things has meant that I've been away from many of these little online spaces. And truth be told, it's been lovely. But I thought I'd pop back here to share some pictures of a quilt I made while I was in France. I received a commission to create a cot quilt and a matching cushion for an impending new baby and from all reports, the new owners are pleased as punch. As am I.

*the lack of motivation in getting it fixed is perhaps telling me something. 


  1. Joanna the quilt and cushion are divine! And as for the limited internet/phone use, that can only be a good thing. Whilst we were away my coverage was a bit unreliable and I was even leaving the camera at home just to head out...and have fun and not worry about it all! have a lovely week x

    1. Thanks Brenda, yes it's so good to just get away from it all for a while isn't it. Hope you're having a lovely summer!

  2. What a sweet quilt and pillow. I love the fabrics you used.


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