June 25, 2012

Photos from above

Bit of a shocker week last week, what with colds and migraines (never had one before and I hope to never have one again) and horrid weather. I literally walked smack bang into a tree a few days ago and last night Leo sneezed a booger into my eye. That's the kind of week we had.
Still, we did our best and enjoyed our weekly Fair Food fruit and veg box, had exciting times with new mega blocks from the toy library, and I started sorting through THE STASH. I really should have ironed before photographing, but given the above information, that was never going to happen.
Hope we all have a better week this week! xx


  1. Wishing you a more cheerful and booger-free week. (I'm so sorry, I do have to confess that I chuckled like a mad woman at the booger in the eye...I'm feeling bad about that!)

    ...I'm salivating over your stash btw x

    1. You're forgiven for laughing.... it WAS funny. In retrospect! xx


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